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Our ingredients are organic and natural real foods, not a bunch of fillers, additives, and GMO what-nots. Nut Grove Cheese makes 100% non-dairy cultured cheese from natural foods like cashews and other plant-based ingredients.



Plant milk is an excellent alternative and a great source of vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. Through natural processes such as fermentation and aging, combined with whole, organic ingredients, we point nature in the right direction and let it do its thing to create unique flavors.



We love animals. Period.  We know first hand -- goats just want to have fun, cows just want to be cuddled, and pigs just want their bellies rubbed. Give them love, and they will love you back. And maybe we can share some plant-based cheese with them. Nut Grove Cheese donates 1% of sales to local animal charities. 



We’re about making products that get oohs and aahs. Food has to taste good! Using traditional creamery cultures, age-old cheese-making techniques, and modern technology, we create products with complex flavors and textures that sing in your mouth. 


So raise a glass to life - all life, ours, the planet, and animals.

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